Sunday, August 27, 2006

party time.... finally!

Last night I finally had the time to go out in Berlin and party. It's been a while since I did this because I was so busy with work and everything. But since a good friend of mine leaves Berlin tomorrow for 6 months to study in Switzerland this was really the last time for us to meet and have a good time. Another friend came by and at about 2 am in the morning we left to the first party. We read on the internet that at in a tunnel underneath the Alexanderplatz should be some sort of illegal party. That sounded quiet interresting so we went there first. As we arrived at the tunnel the whole thing was so crowded you could barely move. The sound was very loud and the atmosphere was very exctatic. Everyone was having a good time. But after about 20 minutes they had to close down the whole thing really quick because the police was on it's way. Our next possible party location we checked out previously was the c-base at Jannowitzbr├╝cke. Unfortunately there were only a few people dancing so this was not an option, even though the music sounded quiet good.
Our final planed destination was the kiki blofeld at the Spree near the Ostbahnhof but on our way we stumbled across the kubik. The whole thing is pretty interesting. On a wide open area some guys put together a sort of room out of huge boxes that glow green and red to the sound of the music. We stayed there for a little while but since the weather was not so warm and only a few people were actually there we decided to move on to the kiki blofeld. But since I was pretty impressed from those lightened up cubes I had my friend take a picture and a short video.

After only a few meters of walking we arrived at the kiki blofeld and were pretty surprised of the cool location. The whole thing was an old shipyard which had a bar on the right and the dancefloor on the left. In the middle was the water and you could actually see the fishes swimming in the water. It looked like they were enjoying the music as well :)
We stayed there till 7 am in the morning and sat in the garden for a couple of hours in that time. After we left there, we all went to my friends place to relax a bit and ended up doing crosswords till late this morning.
I was pretty impressed of myself that I actually was fit all the time and kept up till the end.
The reason for that were probably all those interesting placed we saw that night and the cool music.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

dragon illusion

yesterday I finally found the paper stencil of this dragon illusion I saw on the web a couple of times before.
you can download it here to print it out and try out yourself. it help if you cover one eye and focus on the eyes.

to get an idea of what I'm talking about, here's a little video I took with my camera.