Saturday, July 29, 2006

robbie - superstar

it's been quiet a while since I posted here the last time. I'm sorry about that but I've just been so busy with work lately that there wasnt any spare time to sit down and write something for my blog. and on top of that, since I was so busy I didnt have the time to do cool stuff which is worth writing about.
but last night I went to the robbie williams concert in the omlypia stadion in berlin. now that's something worth writing about.
I'm gonna put it quiet simple: it just rocked. I was on the concert last year in the waldb├╝hne which was allready mindblowing, but last night in the olympiastadion with around 60000 people, that was just to much. I went with a friend and we've both never seen the olympia stadion from the inside. after this and the whole world cup fever I got infected with this year I'm sure I'll be trying to get tickets if the world cup ever comes back to berlin.
the show itself was a well mixed, balanced, light and fireworks packed event that left no room for improvement. robbie is THE entertainer of this century. he is today what michael jackson was 10 years ago. just a bit better looking I must say. and hey, that comes from a guy, this gotta mean something! :) oh and the visuals that were running up and down on the huge LED screens were really cool eye candy. the whole close encouters thing is a nice idea.

I only had my crapy cell phone to take pictures so dont expect anything crazy. but some of the pictures show pretty good how many people were there. the ones I tried to shoot during the show all came out blury.... I really gotta get my digital camera fixed.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

no pizza for me

Itally is world cup champion! Damn, those bastards. I really hoped for france to win the cup. I'll be boycotting pizza for quiet some time now, that's for sure!
I didnt watch the whole game because I wasnt interested to much since the game Germany - Portugal on saturday was my personal finale. Germany played a great match for the 3rd place and won three to one.
A couple of friends of mine and I watched the game in a bar in Prenzlberg. It was the first time that I saw a soccer game in HDTV. It was pretty amazing and made me feel even closer to the action. Afterwards the streets were filled with german fans singing, cheering and cars driving by honking the horns every second. And again a very stunning experience.... the whole city was a big party!

In my attempt to stay out of sight when it comes to italian food I had some very delicious sushi for dinner. Let's see how long I can go without pizza :)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

germany, you did great

tuesday was the day of THE game. but unfortunately the german team just didnt have the nerves in the last two minutes of the overtime. italy scored two goals in those last two minutes and destroyed every hope of germany beeing in the finale. never the less, our guys gave itally a hard time and us a great match to watch. it was thrilling and fun to watch.
this time I didnt go to the fan mile since I was pretty exhausted from work that day, but we cooked over at a friends house and watched the game drinking some freshly made frozen strawberry daquiri and cold beer.

besides that, work is very stressfull at the moment so I might not have the time to write something each day.