Tuesday, June 27, 2006

germany vs. sweden

today I finally have the time to write about the soccer match germany vs. sweden last saturday. I went to the "fanmeile" which is a locked up area between the brandenburger tor and the siegessäule. the experience was really amazing. around 500.000 people were there, eight huge screens showed the game, beer and food was sold around each corner and everyone was just having a good time. surprisingly no one tried to cause any problems like going on a rampage or start a fight. the few policemen who stood around to watch out joined the festivity and watched the game as well.
needless to say, after germany beat sweden 2:0 everyone went crazy! the whole area was covered with waving german flags and it seemed like the cheering crowd would never stop partying.

after that we went on a cruising tour through berlin waving flags and honking the horn at every soccer fan we passed by.

I'll try to watch the next match, when germany plays, there again since it was so much fun.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

new wave with a twist

A few days ago I discovered a new cd I really need to tell you about. The album is called "band a part" from the band Nouvelle Vague. In my opinion this is a very special direction of music. The french producers Marc Collin and Oliver Libaux thought why not cover some of the big indie pop songs from the 80's in a very different way. In their case that was a very soft and light bossa nova style that only left the melody that might remind you of the original songs. Hits like "Just cant get enought" from Depeche Mode or "Love will tear us apart" from Joy Division are vaguely recogniseable, sometimes only after hearing it twice you'll remember the original.

The lovely voice from Melanie Pain who sings quiet a few songs on the album (Blue Monday, my favorite) is a pleasure to listen to. I'm sure we'll hear her voice in the future more often.
But the other singers are also top notch and really give the music it's special charm that makes this CD one of my favorites at the moment.

If you can, grab the album at I-Tunes or at Amazon if you prefer the real thing. The website of Nouvelle Vague also has some songs to listen to, so that might be the first stop to get an impression of what I've been talking about.


Last night I visited the c-base in berlin to meet some of the folks from freifunk.net. Freifunk is an initiative to cover Berlin and other cities with wlan access. They have a very nice concept which links all the access points into one big mesh. You need a special software to join the network and a registered ip, which you can get at the homepage.
Since I was pretty new to all this and didnt know how to configure that software in Mac OS X I thought I'd drop by and ask the experts.

I got help right away and on top of that, I met some really nice people. The location is also very nice, directly at the river, a bar with drinks and electricity plugs everywhere to hook up your laptops.
I'll probably drop by there again since I really had a good time.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

finale here we come

I just wanted to say, the soccer game yesterday was just awesome. germany really kicked ecuadors ass. those guys improved well compared to the last world cup.
first I was sceptical, but after the last two games I'm sure they are going to get at least till the finale!
looking forward to saturday, sweden is going dooooown :)

Monday, June 19, 2006

spreepark, nice weather & beer

yesterday after some shopping in the afternoon (yeah, stores are open on sunday because of the world cup) I met with a friend in the treptower park to drink some cold beers. after a while we decided to take a look at the old amusement park "spreepark" which is closed since 2001.
we drove around quiet a while until we finally found the very narrow path that lead us to this very strange place. in the middle of berlin, between a small forest there is this amusement park, completly shut down laying there like everyone just took off in a big hurry.
after walking around and trying to find a hole in the fence we ran into some security guys who were monitoring the area. so we decided to only look from the outside.
I was a bit frustated that I didnt take my analog slr camera because the scenery would have given some really nice motives to shoot.
I'll keep my eyes open in the newspapers, maybe in the future someone will make a guided tour through the park.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

wlan, kismac & air conditioning

yeah, today I got the wlan usb stick with a prism2 chipset which is compatible with kismac. it wasnt easy to find one of those but I got lucky and won an auction on ebay for a couple of bucks. the drivers for the apple airport extreme cards in the new macbooks are not yet capable of putting it into passive mode, but the folks from kismac are working on that by reverse engineering the hardware. however that will take "some" time. so until then I'm stuck with that bulky usb adapter.
however I can now finally check all the security issues with the wireless networks at home & work. so far the access point at work seems to be immune against all the attacks available.

oh, and today we got an air conditioner in our office. it's only one of those portable ones but it seems to help a little to keep the temperature down.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

some pics

I just wanted to post two pics of our office. The first one shows the building, the second one the office where my colleague and I are working right now.
Oh, and I should mention it's feakin' hot in there, unfortunately the building only has air conditioning in the server rooms. After lunch I actually sat in there for 30min to cool down a bit.

Mediacentre Office

something to consider...

There's one thing I really need to say. In case you havent seen it yet, there is a documentary out there about the dreadful events that took place on 9/11/2001.
Directly taken from the website, this comment really sums everything up I have to say about this great movie:
"Loose Change 2nd Edition is the follow-up to the most provocative 9-11 documentary on the market today. This film shows direct connection between the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the United States government. Evidence is derived from news footage, scientific fact, and most important, Americans who suffered through that tragic day. IT IS EVERYONE'S duty TO VIEW THIS FILM!"
You can watch the movie for free at google video or order a DVD at their website. And make sure you show this to everyone you know!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


the other day I was checking out postsecrets again and after reading some very disturbing and amusing postcards I had the feeling I have to share this with everyone.

postsecret is an art project by Frank Warren. his idea was to setup an anonymous mail adress where people could mail postcards that confess a secret. if you go to the website you'll find the newest postcards which got postet the last sunday. so on a weekly basis you get postcards that are designed in a very interesting way and unique in each case. everyone of them confesses an either very funny, strange or horrible secret.

each time I visit this page I'm torn and dont know if I should feel happy or sad for those individuals.
on top of that there is a book out with a selection of postcards. it's only around 20$ and is a high quality color print with a nice looking booklet. everytime I have some friends over it is the book everyone is fighting about.

anyways, I thought I should let everyone know what a great project this website is. you should definetly check it out.


Monday, June 12, 2006

my precious...

I finally got my macbook last week. I've been impatiently waiting for that thing almost two weeks now.
Well, what can I say... I used to be one of those guys that hated the mac os but gave the sleek design an envious look each time someone was using a mac.
So after I got my macbook I installed Windows XP right away but pretty soon found out it was not usable at all. One of the most important things in Windows, the right mouse button is not working. Or at least I have no clue how to emulate it. ctrl+click like in mac osx didnt do the trick.
Another important feature to me was the iSight webcam. No drivers for this one either.

That led me to going back to mac osx and giving it a try... Oh well, what can I say, after about two days I just loved it. Sometimes it's still a bit frustrating when you try getting behind that shiny facade of moving objects but I'm sure I'll get used to it and figure out my way. I didnt install linux a couple of times for nothing. Maybe I can put that knowledge in use next time I fire up the terminal.

Oh yeah, and there's one feature I particularly like. The standby mode! It actually works like it's supposed to be!! When you close the lid the system is dead asleep within seconds and after reopening the screen it's back in a blink of an eye.
I never saw my Acer Windows laptop do that.....
me happy now :)

sunday, sunshine, party

so yesterday we went to the border area of berlin where a great outdoor party was going on. it was thrown together by the cool folks from barfuss berlin. you might want to check out their webpage for further parties. but be warned, most of the time the actual location is not released until one day before the actual event. the reason for that is, most of the time they just throw the party without any permissions.
if you live near berlin and are up to some cool, spontaneous parties with nice people you should definetly think about coming next time.

we had a great time, the wether was perfect, the music (a fine selection of electronic beats) was awesome and everyone enjoyed themselfes.
alot of families brought their kids and dogs, guys were playing frisbee and some weirdos tried to catch up with the beat on their bongos without much success.

for me it was the first time on one of those parties and I really liked it. next time barfuss is calling out for a new party I'll definetly be there. and to be honest, so should you.

oh well, here we go again. this is my second blog. the first one went down the drain after each day my inbox got bigger and bigger because of tons of trackback spam posts. the input verification here at blogger.com will hopefully prevent this in the future.

I'll try to keep posting from time to time. we'll see what I have to share that's worth reading.