Tuesday, February 13, 2007

wheeee... erm, I mean wiiii :)

Yes, it's true! I finally got my wii last week. I waited almost a month for conrad to ship it to me and after I accidentally saw one at the local saturn store I just grabbed it and cancled the other order. Screw conrad then!
And what can I say, it's the best game console I've ever had. The whole thing just makes sense. Everything is just so well thought-out and easy to understand, it's just to good to be true. Especially the wii sports and wii play games are so easy to understand you can practically teach your grandparents in 5 seconds how to play the games. Not dozens of buttons to explain, you just tell them what movement to do and it all comes intuitively in a mtter of seconds. Even when you're drunk, we've allready tested that part to a certain level :)

Oh, and I also got my first wii modchip a couple of days ago. The glorious Cyclowiz. The installation was super easy thanks to the quicksolder method and so far it seems to work fine. I could only try out some of my old Gamecube backups since I didnt have time to get the right DVD+R media's but I have a good feeling the wii backups will work just fine.


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