Tuesday, July 11, 2006

no pizza for me

Itally is world cup champion! Damn, those bastards. I really hoped for france to win the cup. I'll be boycotting pizza for quiet some time now, that's for sure!
I didnt watch the whole game because I wasnt interested to much since the game Germany - Portugal on saturday was my personal finale. Germany played a great match for the 3rd place and won three to one.
A couple of friends of mine and I watched the game in a bar in Prenzlberg. It was the first time that I saw a soccer game in HDTV. It was pretty amazing and made me feel even closer to the action. Afterwards the streets were filled with german fans singing, cheering and cars driving by honking the horns every second. And again a very stunning experience.... the whole city was a big party!

In my attempt to stay out of sight when it comes to italian food I had some very delicious sushi for dinner. Let's see how long I can go without pizza :)


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