Thursday, June 15, 2006

wlan, kismac & air conditioning

yeah, today I got the wlan usb stick with a prism2 chipset which is compatible with kismac. it wasnt easy to find one of those but I got lucky and won an auction on ebay for a couple of bucks. the drivers for the apple airport extreme cards in the new macbooks are not yet capable of putting it into passive mode, but the folks from kismac are working on that by reverse engineering the hardware. however that will take "some" time. so until then I'm stuck with that bulky usb adapter.
however I can now finally check all the security issues with the wireless networks at home & work. so far the access point at work seems to be immune against all the attacks available.

oh, and today we got an air conditioner in our office. it's only one of those portable ones but it seems to help a little to keep the temperature down.


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