Monday, June 12, 2006

sunday, sunshine, party

so yesterday we went to the border area of berlin where a great outdoor party was going on. it was thrown together by the cool folks from barfuss berlin. you might want to check out their webpage for further parties. but be warned, most of the time the actual location is not released until one day before the actual event. the reason for that is, most of the time they just throw the party without any permissions.
if you live near berlin and are up to some cool, spontaneous parties with nice people you should definetly think about coming next time.

we had a great time, the wether was perfect, the music (a fine selection of electronic beats) was awesome and everyone enjoyed themselfes.
alot of families brought their kids and dogs, guys were playing frisbee and some weirdos tried to catch up with the beat on their bongos without much success.

for me it was the first time on one of those parties and I really liked it. next time barfuss is calling out for a new party I'll definetly be there. and to be honest, so should you.


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