Monday, June 19, 2006

spreepark, nice weather & beer

yesterday after some shopping in the afternoon (yeah, stores are open on sunday because of the world cup) I met with a friend in the treptower park to drink some cold beers. after a while we decided to take a look at the old amusement park "spreepark" which is closed since 2001.
we drove around quiet a while until we finally found the very narrow path that lead us to this very strange place. in the middle of berlin, between a small forest there is this amusement park, completly shut down laying there like everyone just took off in a big hurry.
after walking around and trying to find a hole in the fence we ran into some security guys who were monitoring the area. so we decided to only look from the outside.
I was a bit frustated that I didnt take my analog slr camera because the scenery would have given some really nice motives to shoot.
I'll keep my eyes open in the newspapers, maybe in the future someone will make a guided tour through the park.


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