Tuesday, June 13, 2006


the other day I was checking out postsecrets again and after reading some very disturbing and amusing postcards I had the feeling I have to share this with everyone.

postsecret is an art project by Frank Warren. his idea was to setup an anonymous mail adress where people could mail postcards that confess a secret. if you go to the website you'll find the newest postcards which got postet the last sunday. so on a weekly basis you get postcards that are designed in a very interesting way and unique in each case. everyone of them confesses an either very funny, strange or horrible secret.

each time I visit this page I'm torn and dont know if I should feel happy or sad for those individuals.
on top of that there is a book out with a selection of postcards. it's only around 20$ and is a high quality color print with a nice looking booklet. everytime I have some friends over it is the book everyone is fighting about.

anyways, I thought I should let everyone know what a great project this website is. you should definetly check it out.



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