Thursday, June 22, 2006

new wave with a twist

A few days ago I discovered a new cd I really need to tell you about. The album is called "band a part" from the band Nouvelle Vague. In my opinion this is a very special direction of music. The french producers Marc Collin and Oliver Libaux thought why not cover some of the big indie pop songs from the 80's in a very different way. In their case that was a very soft and light bossa nova style that only left the melody that might remind you of the original songs. Hits like "Just cant get enought" from Depeche Mode or "Love will tear us apart" from Joy Division are vaguely recogniseable, sometimes only after hearing it twice you'll remember the original.

The lovely voice from Melanie Pain who sings quiet a few songs on the album (Blue Monday, my favorite) is a pleasure to listen to. I'm sure we'll hear her voice in the future more often.
But the other singers are also top notch and really give the music it's special charm that makes this CD one of my favorites at the moment.

If you can, grab the album at I-Tunes or at Amazon if you prefer the real thing. The website of Nouvelle Vague also has some songs to listen to, so that might be the first stop to get an impression of what I've been talking about.


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