Tuesday, June 27, 2006

germany vs. sweden

today I finally have the time to write about the soccer match germany vs. sweden last saturday. I went to the "fanmeile" which is a locked up area between the brandenburger tor and the siegessäule. the experience was really amazing. around 500.000 people were there, eight huge screens showed the game, beer and food was sold around each corner and everyone was just having a good time. surprisingly no one tried to cause any problems like going on a rampage or start a fight. the few policemen who stood around to watch out joined the festivity and watched the game as well.
needless to say, after germany beat sweden 2:0 everyone went crazy! the whole area was covered with waving german flags and it seemed like the cheering crowd would never stop partying.

after that we went on a cruising tour through berlin waving flags and honking the horn at every soccer fan we passed by.

I'll try to watch the next match, when germany plays, there again since it was so much fun.


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